Try Digital Signage for Free – and See What It Can Do for Your Business!

Our digital signage solutions make it easy to display and control attractive content on a screen. Food and product menus, promotions, social media feeds, staff communications, live video – you name it.


Ready to get all eyes on your business? We’ve got a month of free digital signage software and a media player with your name on it! That’s all you need to take a screen from standard to stunning.

Everything You Need to Turn a Screen Into a Digital Sign

Skykit is dedicated to making digital signage solutions easy to use and accessible for organizations of all sizes. Whether you’re a small business looking for a simple digital menu board or a large company testing out digital signage for corporate communications, we’re here to help.


We’ve paired our powerful software with hardware at a low monthly price point, perfect for organizations that are looking to try out digital signage or secure an affordable solution. Our bundles come with both the hardware and software needed to transform a standard TV into an attractive digital sign. With no hidden or upfront fees, you can rest easy knowing you’re only paying for the features and functionality you need.

  • Skykit Beam – Base Bundle

    $20 Per Month with annual commitment

    Improve employee communication, customer engagement, and brand awareness.

    With our Base Bundle, you get:

    • Access to Skykit’s streamlined, easy-to-use content management system
    • One SKP3 media player to power your display
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  • Skykit Menus Bundle

    $40 Per Month with annual commitment

    Perfect for all restaurants, from QSR to full-service.

    Here’s what you get with the Menu Bundle:

    • Skykit’s streamlined content management system for easy and fast edits and updates
    • Unlimited access to attractive digital menu and promotional sign templates
    • One SKP3 media player to power your display
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  • Buy Social Media for Digital Signage | Skykit Social Bundle

    Skykit Social Bundle

    $30 Per Month with annual commitment

    Put your social platforms front and center.

    Our Social Media Bundle comes with:

    • A streamlined edition of our content management system
    • Skykit Social, powered by Seenspire – an innovative solution for showcasing social media profiles and posts
    • One SKP3 media player to power your display
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  • Buy Employee & Visitor Check-In Software | Skykit Turf

    Skykit Check-In Bundle

    $15 Per Month with annual commitment

    Conquer the return to the workplace while improving the employee and visitor check-in experience.

    With our Check-In Bundle, you get:

    • Access to Skykit Turf Check-In software solution
    • One SKP3 media player to power your display
    • This is intended for a touch-less solution, for touchscreen options, please contact us
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Interested in digital signage?

Let us show you how easy it is to create and display captivating content with a free trial of Skykit Beam – and your very own media player!

What You Get with Your Free Trial

One SKP3 Media Player

An Android media player capable of displaying everything from social media feeds to corporate communications to dynamic menu boards.

Access to Skykit Beam

A standard license for our digital signage content management system, which allows you to easily upload and schedule videos, Google Slides, PDF documents, HTML 5 web apps, and more.

30 days of Free Digital Signage

Use your digital signage trial to explore the benefits of this powerful communication tool. From boosting employee and customer engagement to increasing brand awareness, the benefits are plentiful – and the only limit is your creativity.